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When Radhika Iyer had a tryst with cancer for the second time, she turned to the Himalayas for help. For over 12 years, she trekked through the hills learning about natural ingredients, recipes and rituals. Anahata Organic is a product of her personal healing journey through the practices of Yoga, Ayurveda & Naturopathy. She shares a love for nature, animals and the Himalayas with her children, and together they have built this brand so that everyone can experience the joy of natural living. Welcome to our community.

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I have been using Mystic Hair oil and the results are amazing. Reduced hair fall, my hair became smooth and I can’t just my hands off my hair. Even it smells great. Thanks to Anahata for such wonderful products made in traditional Indic way!


Only God knows how hard I have tried to look for a product which could actually help me with my severe Acnes. Then finally one fine day I came across this Magical product. I’m not even exaggerating when I’m saying it’s simply one of the best.


I was very scared of using an oil based serum as I have oily skin, I wanted something that would lighten patches my cheeks and make my skin soft and supple. After applying Anahata’s Kumkumadi Serum, my face has brighten up.