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KUMKUMADI TAILAM Skin Radiance Serum

KUMKUMADI TAILAM Skin Radiance Serum


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Kumkumadi Tailam is a skin elixir made with sandalwood, vetiver, dashamoola, saffron and other Indic herbs. It improves skin texture, reduces pigmentation and deeply hydrates the face. Enriched with natural astringents and antioxidants, it repairs early signs of ageing and renders a healthy glow to the skin.


Best before: 24 months from date of manufacturing

Sandalwood, Vetiver, Cardamom, Basil, Rose, Saffron, Sesame Oil, Yashthimadhu, Gokshura, Ajaksheera, Dashamoola, Daruharidra, Padmaka, Nilotpala, Plaksha & Vata, Bilwa, Agnimantha, Gambhari, Patala, Prishnaparni, Madhuka, Laksha, Suvarna Bhasma

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How to use it?

Step 1

Take 3-4 drops on the palms and apply on the face,

Step 2

Massage over the face & neck, focusing on the cheek, jaw & underye,

Step 3

Use a copper ua sha or your fingers to practice face massage, Step: Let it absorb into the skin and leave it on. You can apply it any time of the day.


Skin Glow
Himalayan Herbs
Softens Skin
Vedic Recipe
Suitable for all skin types


What makes Kumkumadi tailam unique for skin ?

Kumkumadi Tailam is a blend of 10+ herbs that make it extremely unique and healing.

Is it suitable for all skin types and age?

This serum is best used daily for dry or combination skin. While you can use this serum on oily skin, use it only 3 times a week. It will definitely help with pigmentation.

Does it help in anti-ageing ?

Yes, kumkumadi tailam helps with anti-ageing.

Will the serum darken the skin ?

No. It evens out skin tone and brings out your natural colour.

How to use kumkadi tailam for face glowing oil or added in foundation for extra glow.

Do not mix the serum with foundation while applying. You can apply foundation over the serum to get more of a creamy glow on the face.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Manali Baruah

I brought a couple of products (see picture) from Anahata two weeks ago - to deal with skin issues and breakouts during my ART journey. Kumkumadi tailam, Bloom elixir, Nabhira and Kesera - all superb products with amazing fragrances - they transport you to some tranquil retreat in the mountains. My skin soaks the oils and creams immediately. I also have been using their acne packs - the combination must be magical because I have not had any fresh breakouts since using these products.
The Mystic hair oil is amazing , I usually leave it overnight and can easily wash off without any oily residue.
For the quality Anahata offers - the prices are a steal. Shipping was fast and the packaging was sustainable and superb - they threw in a few samples too.
My only feedback will be to provide some guidance on the website on using the skin/hair products, the sequence -and regime. Looking forward to trying more of Anahata's products.

Thank you so much! Noted, we will work on putting more info soon :)

Ruchika Garg

Would like to comment after using at least one bottle

Highly recommended

From the moment I started using Kumkumadi Tailam, I noticed a remarkable improvement in my skin texture. The combination of potent ingredients deeply hydrates the face, leaving my skin feeling supple and nourished.

One of the standout benefits of this elixir is its ability to reduce pigmentation and even out skin tone.

Thank you so much!

The best for skin

Kumkumadi tailam has given me a very very nice glow on my skin ...and the fregrance of this oil is so soothing...just love this oil

Prerna Banga
Lovely product

I truly loved the gentle fragance and smooth texture of the oil serum. It feels absolutely wonderful post application. I use it after my first face wash of the day. I have very sensitive skin and I could see that this product is suiting me very well.