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ISIRA pH Balancing Intimate Wash

ISIRA pH Balancing Intimate Wash

Lemon │Neem│Turmeric

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Maintain optimal genital hygiene with Isira pH Balancing Intimate Wash. Crafted with the potent combination of turmeric, neem, and lemon, this wash is essential for your intimate care routine. Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties effectively prevent itchiness, urinary tract infections (UTIs), and pigmentation, ensuring your intimate area stays healthy and comfortable.


Best before: 12 months from date of manufacturing

Distilled Aloe & Turmeric Water, Lemon leaves, Neem leaves, Orange Oil, Non Fragrant Soap, Green Tea extract, Vitamin E, Vegetable Glycerine

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How to use it?

Step 1

Once you are in the shower, apply the intimate wash on the genital area & underarms,

Step 2

Lather and cleanse thoroughly,

Step 3

Wash off with lukewarm water. You can also use it to wash while using public restrooms or travel.


pH balance
Genital Hygiene
Travel Friendly


Why should i use intimate wash and not soap or lotion for intimate hygiene

The pH of your genital area is different from the rest of the body. Anahata’s Intimate wash helps balance pH to its optimum state and cleans thoroughly.

Is it safe to use intimate wash?

Yes, the intimate wash is safe for all skin types.

Does the intimate wash have any added fragrance?

No, the intimate wash carries the natural fragrance of lemon leaves.

Is it a good call to use Intimate wash during periods?

Yes! Using the intimate wash during periods is a must. It cleans excess blood and mucus and is a hygienic practice.

In what direction should one use the wash?

Take 3 drops and apply in a clockwise direction on the outside of your genital area.

Can the intimate wash be used for cleaning internally?

No, the Isira intimate wash is for external use only.

Customer Reviews

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A Hidden Gem at Anahata

I had been looking for an all natural hygiene wash product after looking around and being disappointed at the dearth of options with nature based ingredients for such an important task we all undertake at least twice a day. It is literally the place “where the sun does not shine”, so it is critical that some sort of natural ingredients clean it, instead of synthetic chemicals. Although the packaging could be made better for a firmer lid to make it more convenient for travelling, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Isira for adults (all genders) as well as teens and kids. You really want your privates happy and clean with the right pH balance.

Thank you so much!