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KESARA Brightening Aloevera Gel

KESARA Brightening Aloevera Gel

Saffron│Walnut Oil│Aloevera

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Saffron is a traditional Vedic ingredient that can repair the skin barrier, reduce pigmentation and brighten complexion. Kesara gel is made with fresh aloevera, saffron strands, walnut oil and vitamin E, which rejuvenate the skin and bring forth a natural glow.


Best before: 9 months from date of manufacturing

Aloe vera, Saffron, Saffron infused distilled water, Walnut oil, Vitamin E

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How to use it?

Step 1

Wet the face and apply 2-3 scoops of aloe gel all over the face & neck,

Step 2

Massage in circular motions until it is absorbed well,

Step 3

You can either wash it off or leave it on before bed.


Skin Glow
Skin Softening
Skin Radiance
Bridal Skincare


What are the key benefits of using saffron infused aloe gel

Saffron gives the skin a glow and enhances beauty. It is also a heat generating ingredient. Aloe vera is a cooling ingredient and is anti-inflammatory. Together, they form a very good balance that heals and cools the skin.

Can the aloe gel be used as remedy for skin conditions

Yes! It can be used as a remedy for inflammation. It can also be used over scars and infections (with advice from your doctor)

Does the saffron infused gel have a pleasant scent?

Yes! It has a subtle and calming scent.

How often the product should be used to see optimal results

Use the product at least 3 times a day for optimal results.

Any potential side effects of using the product frequently?

No, no side effects recorded of this product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Best gel used so far,👍❤️

Sindhu Deva

It was so good from the first use beautiful aroma n the texture was so amazing I am also using chandana face wash and cream,also nava serum,after few days I started having mild irritation around my mouth area I don't know which one of this product causing this...pls suggest me which one I have to use...

Thank you for the review! If you are facing a mild irritation it could be because the skin is purging or an ingredient is not suiting you. Try stopping each product for 1-2 days to know which one it is.

Ritu Sharma

It is good. It quickly absorbs into the skin. Currently I am badly tanned so I am unable to see any difference in my skin. But yeah it does heal the skin and very light.

Sanjana Chauhan
Loved it

All the Anahata products are just superb.

Loved it

Kesara Gel is truly a skincare gem that harnesses the power of traditional Vedic ingredients to deliver remarkable results. As someone who values natural skincare remedies, I was eager to try this product, and it exceeded my expectations.

The inclusion of saffron, a revered Vedic ingredient, in Kesara Gel immediately caught my attention. Known for its ability to repair the skin barrier, reduce pigmentation, and brighten the complexion, saffron delivers transformative benefits to the skin.

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