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NABHIRA Therapeutic Navel Oil

NABHIRA Therapeutic Navel Oil

Girnar Ghee│Lemon Oil│Neem Oil

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Ayurveda recognizes the navel as a vital energy point and centre of 72000 nerve endings. Nabhira is a therapeutic navel oil that improves gut health, enhances skin health, boosts metabolism and provides a holistic solution to wellbeing.


Best before: 15 months from date of manufacturing

Cow Ghee, Neem Oil, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Lemon Oil, Ashwagandha extract, Lodhra extract, Yashtimadhu extract, Lakshya extract, Walnut extract, Castor seed extract

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How to use it?

Step 1

Put 2-3 drops of Nabhira in the belly button,

Step 2

Massage around the navel in clockwise & anticlockwise direction,

Step 3

Let the oil absorb into the navel. Preferably use at night.


Ayurveda Based
Natural Oils
Gut Friendly
Skin Glow


● Does navel oil have any impact on weight loss?

Yes, when the gut starts regulating itself better, weight loss happens faster and more easily. However note that healthy lifestyle choices work in tandem with nabhira. Being mindful is key.

● How frequently should navel oil be applied?

Apply the naval oil everyday as part of your daily night routine. Put two drops in your belly and rub it in before sleeping. You will start to see results in a few weeks, but the longer you keep up this routine the better.

● Can Nabhira be used by children or pregnant women?

Yes, Nabhira can be used by children and pregnant women.

● Is navel oil safe for all skin types?

Yes, this naval oil is safe for all skin types.

● What are the potential benefits of using navel oil?

There are numerous benefits to using naval oil: - Regulates gut microbiome - Improves skin texture - Improves hair health - Improves digestive system - Helps with period cramp - Helps in improving and regulating mood

● Are there any side effects or precautions associated with navel oil?

No, there are no known side effects or precautions associated with the naval oil.

● Can navel oil help with digestive issues?

Yes! Nabhira is immensely helpful with digestive issues. By adding nutrition and balance to the gut, the digestive system starts regulating itself. However, if you keep regularly eating foods that disrupt your digestion, it will only be able to help you to a certain extent.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Recently started using this product every night before bed with my mother, and we're both committed to it without fail. I must say, we're already noticing positive changes, especially in our gut health and digestion. Excited to continue and see even more results!

Pooja Gupta
Nabhira naval oil


Vaami Chopra
Amazing Results

Awesome products.. I am using Nabhira, kesar balm and Rose cinnamon green tea. All products are amazing. I hv acne prone skin due to which skin has pigmentation and dull skin. After using this balm for a week amazing results are seen. Skin looks healthy, marks are lighter and skin looks youthful. Green tea is also soothing and relaxing. Just started using Nabhira. Very hopeful… Can’t wait to buy more products

Komal Chavan
Best navel oil

Absolutely amazing!

Pinky Samtani

Its the first product I tried from Anahata. SInce then I am using it daily. Its best product to be used by anyone.