Sambrani Combo

Sambrani Dhoop is a type of incense made using dried flowers and herbal ingredients like sambrani, neem leaves powder, coconut oil, mahua oil, rose powder, sandalwood powder, honey, cow ghee and more. It is used to detoxify the air, for worship and meditation purposes and to create a serene ambience. One little known secret is that is also a great way to naturally dry the hair and leave a beautiful and natural fragrance in the hair.

Scenes from royal families in the history of India often depict queens doing this ritual. It has also been shown in historical cinema, such as Jodha Akbar, wherein using dhoop under the hair is practiced as a beauty ritual. This holds immense benefits as the natural ingredients prevent scalp infections, it doesn’t lead to direct heat application to the hair and thus restores and dries it naturally. If done properly, the fumes and fragrance that comes from burning dhoop relieves headaches, migraine and ensures better sleep.

This Combo Includes:

Wooden Dhoop Holder

This intricately carved Wooden Dhoop Holder holds dhoop safely and ensures a divine aroma. Made of handcarved wood, it is a beautiful piece of Indic living to add to your home! Our Indic Living products provide sustainable and dignified livelihoods to local artisans, we encourage you to support their craft.

Handcrafted Cup Dhoop

The Anahata Hand Crafted Cup Dhoop is an artisanal worship essential, made from dried flowers and traditional herbs. With a natural deep set fragrance and purifying properties, it creates a positive, spiritual atmosphere and can also be used for haircare. We get our dhoop manufactured by a local small business owner which is handcrafted with an ayurvedic recipe in which he uses our Guashala Ghee and cow dung . Dhoop cup fumes are a traditional and spiritual method in homes to uplift the energy level and to drive out negative energy and negative forces. It is said that Dhoop is known to improve concentration that can help us while studying, doing meditation and it also prevents infections, relieves headaches, fights depression, and reduces anxiety and tension.