Happy Gut Combo

This combo can be used daily to ensure your gut health is taken care of. It has 4 therapeutic products. Use the Kanji protein powder every morning as a protein drink or mix in the flour for rotis/parathas. Use the svastham powder every night, mix only with milk/coconut milk or almond milk. This is for immunity building. The navel oil is also to be used every night where you should put 2-3 drops every night and massage into the belly button every night. You can brew the green tea and drink it every night!

This Combo Includes:

Nabhira Therapeutic Navel oil

Ayurveda recognizes the navel as a vital energy point and centre of 72000 nerve endings. Nabhira is a therapeutic navel oil that improves gut health, enhances skin health, boosts metabolism and provides a holistic solution to wellbeing.

Svastham Powder

The Svastham Powder from Anahata is a highly beneficial mix for overall health benefits. It contains a traditional combination of rejuvenating herbs like turmeric, ashwagandha, giloy, pudina, mulethi, pepper and tulsi, guaranteed to help the body’s natural defense mechanism to become stronger. Consume this drink at least once a day to protect your health, increase your immunity and enhance your metabolism.

Navdhaniya Kanji

Navdhaniya Kanji is a high protein mix made with 9 pulses, millets & high fibre grains. A traditional blend of ragi, buckwheat, jowar and other gut friendly ingredients, it provides instant energy, enhances metabolism and helps with weight management.

Rose & Cinnamon Green Tea

Enhanced with the goodness of detoxifying green tea leaves and rose petals, this tea blend is perfect to unwind & relax. It's robust flavours and soothing herbs de-stress the mind, improve gut health and instantly calm the senses.