Hair Growth Combo

The Hair Growth Combo is an effective natural remedy for hairfall, balding and extreme hair loss. A set of 5 Himalayan products that will heal your scalp internally & externally, it is guaranteed to show results. It has herbs like Shikakai, Areetha, Bramhi, Shatavari and Hibiscus, which are renowned in Ayurveda for healthy hair.

This Combo Includes:

KESHAMRIT, Hair & Scalp Cleanser

Made from a 150 year old recipe, Keshamrit is a haircare blend of 22 traditional ingredients. This powder shampoo is enriched with antibacterial and antifungal properties that eradicate dandruff & promote a healthy scalp microbiome. Its naturally low pH softens the hair, while the presence of areetha makes a gentle foaming blend that cleanses the scalp.

KESHAMRIT, Conditioning & Cleansing Shampoo

The Keshamrit Coconut Milk Conditioning Shampoo is a sulphate-free, blend, infused with coconut milk, aloe vera, sandalwood and rose water. Packed with natural hair growth minerals such as iron, selenium & calcium, it deeply moisturizes the hair and prevents split-ends. Its gentle ingredients restore dry & damaged hair back to its natural smoothness.

MYSTIC HAIR OIL Himalayan Hair Growth Oil

An ancient Himalayan recipe made with Indic hair growth herbs, Mystic Hair Oil is our bestseller. A botanical blend of neem, amla, hibiscus & marjoram, it helps reduce hairfall & balding, stimulates dormant hair follicles & and is guaranteed to make the hair thick, long and lustrous.

KESHAMRIT Hair Strengthening Conditioner

Our natural Flaxseed & Fenugreek conditioner is made with flaxseed, vegetable keratin, coconut milk, Vitamin E and other hair friendly ingredients. It hydrates the hair, reduces dryness and splits. Its gentle formula makes the hair soft, smooth and shiny, keeping it tangle-free & healthy throughout the day!

NABHIRA Therapeutic Navel Oil

Ayurveda recognizes the navel as a vital energy point and centre of 72000 nerve endings. Nabhira is a therapeutic navel oil that improves gut health, enhances skin health, boosts metabolism and provides a holistic solution to wellbeing.