Dry & Frizzy Hair Combo

This Combo Includes:

KESHARASA SERUM Anti Frizz Hair Serum

Made with frizz control & hair smoothening properties, this serum is a natural blend of avocado, jojoba, argan & rose oil . Its nourishing properties prevent moisture loss after heat application and make detangling an easy process. It significantly hydrates dry & split ends, reduces frizz and refreshes the hair post wash.

ALOEVERA HAIR OIL Anti- frizz Hair Oil

Extracted from fresh & organic aloe plants, this anti-frizz hair oil is deeply conditioning. Aloe is rich in proteolytic enzymes and vitamins A, C & E which improve hair texture, reduce dryness and add volume. It cools the scalp and reduces itchiness, promoting healthy cell growth and shiny hair.

KESHAMRIT, Conditioning & Cleansing Shampoo

The Keshamrit Coconut Milk Conditioning Shampoo is a sulphate-free, blend, infused with coconut milk, aloe vera, sandalwood and rose water. Packed with natural hair growth minerals such as iron, selenium & calcium, it deeply moisturizes the hair and prevents split-ends. Its gentle ingredients restore dry & damaged hair back to its natural smoothness.

KESHAMRIT, Lavender Smoothening Conditioner

Experience salon smoothness with our natural Lavender conditioner. A gentle blend of pure lavender, shea butter and olive oil, it reduces frizz, detangles the hair and smoothens it. Its hair friendly properties will add volume and keep your hair soft, shiny and healthy.