Dark Circle Combo

The Dark Circle combo is the perfect night-time skincare routine for you. A set of 4 natural products, it reduces dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness and pigmentation under the eye. It has potent ingredients like Shatavari, Inknut, Coffee and Shea butter, that nourish the delicte undereye skin. Use this combo everyday for smooth, even skin under the eyes.

This Combo Includes:

Mrja Undereye Masque

Mrja Masque reduces dark circles & helps you achieve an even skin tone under the eyes. Powered by inknut, liquorice, kasturi turmeric, saffron & sandalwood, it is rich in astringents & antioxidants that improve skin texture & reduce pigmentation.

Mrja Undereye Balm

Mrja is skin tightening under eye balm made with aloe, shea butter, ghee, frankincense and vitamin E. It provides an instant boost of hydration, improves skin elasticity, reduces crows feet & fine lines. Regular usage provides a visible reduction in puffiness and wrinkles.

Coffee Undereye Repair Serum

This unique under eye repair serum is filled with vital antioxidants and other phyto-components that are derived from fresh coffee beans that hydrate and nourish the delicate under eye skin. Formulated by infusing hyaluronic acid with vetiver extract and cucumber gel, this serum activates advanced cell protection that reverses ageing, heals puffy eyes and treats dark circles under the eyes effectively.

Shatavari Anti Pigmentation Face Mask

Shatavari is the ‘Queen of herbs’ and helps reduce free radical damage on the skin. Blended with Multani mitti & daruharidra, our face mask reduces hyperpigmentation, evens skin tone and removes dead skin. With pure herbs & effective ingredients, this traditional formula is known to keep the skin luminous and flawless, while rejuvenating it from within.

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