Vedic Rituals for Brides

Vedic Rituals for Brides

Vedic Rituals for Brides


Vedic Rituals for Brides

Every bride knows how important it is for them to look, feel and be radiant on their wedding day. The Indic-Vedic Samskaras state that marriage is one of the most defining and profound experiences of human life. The vivaha samsara is understood as a sacrosanct ritual that allows the bride and the groom to enter the next phase of their life, the grhasta ashrama. Hence, it is on this day that a spiritual union is formed with the promise of a bountiful, happy and secure future.

Considering the importance of this day and its effects on the mind, body and emotions, our scriptures recommend certain rituals that brides can follow for a natural glow on their wedding day. These texts include the Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, Kamasutra, Ayurvedic texts and other works on beauty and medicine. The rituals described in these texts involve using natural products, following traditional rituals and balancing the energies of the body. Benefits of following such Vedic rituals include flawless skin from within, long and strong hair, a toned and agile body and a calm state of mind. Practicing these rituals 3 months upto the the wedding day have certain benefits, without any side-effects or adverse reactions. Here are some Vedic rituals for brides that can practice for a natural and long-lasting glow:

  • Vedic Rituals for Brides "Abhyanga"

Abhyanga is a traditional Ayurvedic self massage technique that is known to detoxify the body, tone the muscles and improve blood circulation. Using warm oil like coconut, rose or sesame, it activates pressure points, reduces pigmentation on skin and removes dry and dead skin. For brides, this ritual is recommended every alternate day, starting 4 months before the wedding. It is very important to use a natural massage oil such as rose, almond, frankincense, coconut, olive, wheatgerm or sesame oil. Practicing Abhyanga ensures your skin remains smooth, improves flexibility of muscles, give a shine to the body and tone the muscles.

Using dhoop or sambrani for hair

Scenes and depictions from royal families in the history of India often depict queens doing this ritual. For example, the scene in the movie Jodha Akbar, wherein using dhoop under the hair is practiced as a beauty ritual by the queen. It is long been known that using dhoop to naturally dry the hair prevents scalp infections, reduce heat damage to hair and leaves a natural fragrance. This practice also is a meditative experience and reduces migraines and headaches. Brides can practice this once a week, 3 months before the wedding. It will prevent excessive hairfall, reduces dandruff and improve hair health. It also makes you feel like a queen!

Naina Rasa

The definition and beauty of the eyes is a defining feature of a beautiful bride. Eyes reflect honest emotions and eye-care before the wedding is often overlooked by many brides. It is important to regularly splash plain cold water in the eyes and use eye cups for healthy eyes. Using natural oils for eyelashes and eyebrows can help the hair grow longer, curve better and fall less. Noor by Anahata is an effective blend of castor seed extract, sandalwood extract, coconut oil, almond oil, Vitamin E and other beneficial ingredients that restore brittle eyelashes and eyebrows. Using any such oil regularly can ensure a natural and beautiful look without the need for excessive mascara or brow pencil.

Chakra Meditation:

The 7 chakras in your body refer to energetic centres in the body that align to specific nerve bundles and internal organs. Unblocking your chakras allows you to experience life with open mindedness and a renewed sense of purpose and meaning. This is important as you are to take on a new role and partnership in your life. An effective way to train the mind to sit still is through aromatherapy. Scents send specific messages to the brain, putting you in a certain headspace. Take some time today to relax, unwind and look after yourself.


Gut cleanse.Your nabhi is home to several thousand nadis or nerve endings in your body. Your gut acts as a second brain, affecting your overall well-being, especially the health of your skin, acne, hairfall, emotional imbalances and general disposition. 70% of your immune system functions in the gut, resulting in better moods, better skin and hair quality, and more energy. Nabhira is a blend of Indian medicinal herbs that stimulates the millions of helpful bacteria present in the gut, providing nourishment and enhancing the gut’s internal processes. Brides should use a navel oil to lubricate the gut, improve digestion and thus get naturally detoxified.

Mangal Snan

Mangal Snan is an intimate ceremony that is performed by the bride, wherein a paste of Chandan, Kumkum, turmeric, milk and rose petals is mixed and poured on the brides head. These ingredients symbolically hold a high place in Indic worship rituals, and have properties that cool the skin, nourish it and add a natural glow. Done 3-4 days before the wedding, it involves the bride bathing with this paste, letting its properties soak into her body for 20 minutes. Mangal Snan is a beautiful ritual that celebrates the organic and natural radiance that comes from supple and healthy skin.

Kumkumadi Tailam

For a radiant face and clear skin, there is no product better than Kumkumadi Tailam. It is a recipe that comes from the Vedas and when made correctly, has the potential to improve skin texture, reduce acne, eradicate marks and add a shine to the face. Typically infused with vetiver, rose, sandalwood and saffron, it is a golden elixir that is perfect for bridal glow. For a bride facing dry skin or dullness, it is the most suited product. Use the kumkumadi oil anywhere between 4-5 months before the wedding for a transformative experience.

Anahata Products Used In This Ritual

These rituals have been practiced in this land for generations, from queens to everyday women, and hold the secret to the beauty of Indian women. Nowadays, it is easy to use chemical products, skin peels and other artificial methods to pump up the skin before the wedding, but they are susceptible to reactions and do not address issues of skin and hair from the root cause. Using natural rituals like those mentioned above can help you achieve miraculous results using organic ingredients, which last longer and make you feel healthier from within.

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