Natural Hair Growth Tips for Men

Natural Hair Growth Tips for Men

More commonly, men are facing issues of hairloss, balding, hair thinning and dandruff, and are searching for natural lifestyle alternatives for healthy hair. The most common problem men face after the age of 23 is hairfall, and a good way to stop that is to take care of your hair mindfully. Hair health is based on many factors including genetics, environment, stress levels, lifestyle and products you consume. For over 85% men, hairfall and hairloss is top 5 in their list of concerns. Nature has many ancient secrets for hair growth, which can transform hair health, texture and strength. Here are 5 natural tips men should follow to see a noticeable improvement in hair growth.


Tip 1: Oil your hair atleast 3 times a week

The ritual of champi has been prevelant in India for thousands of years. Oils like hibiscus, kalonji and Mystic hair oil have potent vitamins like Vitamin C, A, E and K, proteins and amino acids that improve hair building and strengthen hair follicles. Oiling reduces hygral fatigue, reduces scalp dryness, offers shine and a glow to the hair. It can revive dormant hair follicles and champi activates pressure points on the scalp that enhance hair growth. For men, we recommend the hibiscus hair oil for hair growth, shine and softening. It is a traditional, hand-crushed blend of unique herbs and flowers. Rich in amino acids and Vitamin C, it strengthens the hair follicles, nourishes the roots and prevents hair fall. 


Tip 2: Eating Seeds!

Sunflower, kalonji and flaxseeds are superfoods for hair growth and eating them improves hair growth and cleanses the gut. Flaxseed has Vitamin E that conditions the hair and gives it a natural shine. Sunflower seeds are essential have antimicrobial and moisturizing capabilities prevent breakage and provide deep hydration. Kalonji seeds, like their oil, neutralize the effects of free radicals, reduces inflammation and lets the hair attain volume. A trail mix of these seeds can be snacked throughout the day.


Tip 3: Balayam

Bala (hair) + Vyayam (exercise) is an Ayurvedic hack to improve hair growth. Rub the nails of all 4 fingers against one another, sliding them up and down. Avoid rubbing the thumbs together since that increase facial hair growth.

Balayam stimulates the brain to send signals to adult stem cells to revive dead and dormant hair follicles. Working on the principles of reflexology, this activates pressure points signaling the scalp to encourage cell turnover and hair growth. This can be practiced at any point of the day, just remember to be mindful and do it every day!


Tip 4: Yoga & Mudras

Exercises like Shirsasana, Sarvangasana, Halasana, Ushtrasana send fresh oxygenated blood to the scalp and improve hair growth. They stimulate nerve endings on the scalp that activate dormant follicles. Practicing these asanas daily result in the inverted method, which is said to grow about 2 inches every month. They are effective in reducing balding, premature greying and early symptoms of male pattern baldness. Mudras like Prithvi Mudra connect us with the earth element in our body, while reducing the fire element. This reduces dryness, provides hydrating to the scalp and encourages hair growth. 


Tip 5: Avoid harsh shampoos

Shampoos are used by most men and in the pretext of making the product ‘manly’ or with a ‘masculine appeal’ manufacturers miss out on the hydration and nourishment men also need! Using mild shampoos that cleanse the scalp and provide nourishment are key to ensure that natural oils are not stripped away from the scalp. These oils are essential for the scalp microbiome to remain healthy, active and rejuvenated. Anahata has 4 wonderful shampoo with zero parabens, added colours or fragrances. The Coconut Milk Shampoo is excellent for dry, damaged hair since it nourishes the scalp and moisturizes the hair follicles. The Jasmine & Sandalwood Shampoo is great for oily scalp, itchiness and redness and can be used by someone with excess oil production in the scalp. The Lemon Anti-Dandruff is targeted to reduce dandruff and flaky dead skin cells on the scalp, however it can be slightly drying. The Chamomile Shampoo is great for coloured hair.


Using selfcare as a way to maintain your body, hair and self as you age is a key habit both men & women must be encouraged to do. Instead of worrying about losing your hair, work towards it on a daily basis to see lifelong results. So pamper yourself with a champi, eat mineral rich food, practice yoga & balayam and see your hair grow & thrive.

Many grooms often message us for treatments close to their wedding day and it is difficult for us to promise results overnight. Most overnight treatments are harsh and toxic, and while temporary treatments will help you, they only do so temporarily, often damaging the hair in the long term. If you are planning on getting married, keep atleast 3 months before the wedding for haircare and to see noticeable results. Connect with us to get a consultation for you hair before your big day!

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