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Indian Skincare Remedies To Stop Acne

Natural solution to acne & pimples

Acne is a sign that your skin barrier is damaged, gut is unhealthy and pores are clogged. Many factors influence the occurrence of acne including diet, skincare, age, hormones & dandruff. Ayurveda strongly believes in the gut-skin connection and suggests powerful ingredients that can reduce pimples, stop acne and fight blackheads. Lepams made with tea tree, turmeric, neem, tusli and aloevera have anti bacterial properties that heal the skin. Lets explore 4 natural rituals that can help you reduce acne and ensure that it doesn’t come back.

Ritual 1: Svedana

Svedana means to “perspire” and is used in ayurvedic treatments to detoxify the body and unclog the pores. It is also called as steam therapy. At home, you can practice a version of svedana by steaming your face for 20 minutes daily. You can use a facial steamer or simply boil water, take it off the flame, and bring your face close to absorb the steam. This practice opens the pores and ensures that you sweat out the toxins from the epidermal layer. This also softens blackheads and makes it easier to remove them: infact it is necessary to steam your face before you remove blackheads to reduce scarring and acne marks.

Ritual 2: Kayaputi Oil

Tea-tree oil is a skincare arsenal that can totally clear acne marks. A tridoshic element, it has dual properties of moisturizing dry skin while balancing oiliness on the skin. Use a natural serum, like the bloom elixir, which is a potent serum that reduces acne, stubborn blackheads and acne scars. Rich in skin-loving lipids, flavonoids and soothing nutrients, its grease-free formula is perfect for acne prone skin. Over 90% of users have seen a difference within 2 weeks.

Ritual 3: Pechoti

If your gut is imbalanced, you can say goodbye to clear & healthy skin. The gut-skin connection is quite strong since the gut produces 90% of the body’s serotonin. Eating junk foods, sweets and oily food that clog the gut will definitely result in acne. On the other hand, having detox ingredients like isabgul, amla, flaxseeds and green vegetables will instantly improve gut health. An important gut cleansing ritual is oiling the navel. Using a navel oil like nabhira, you can practice pechoti every night before going to bed. Put 3-4 drops of the oil and massage around the belly button 10 times. Oiling with nabhira is a great way for the body to absorb the benefits of oils like neem, coconut, lemon and ghee. This purifies the blood and detoxifies the skin, thus rendering a healthy glow from within.

Ritual 4: Lepam

Lepams or face packs can be made with fresh, potent ingredients like clove, black pepper, turmeric, aloevera, neem and other acne fighting ingredients. Anahata’s acne fighter is one such blend of vetiver, clove & other herbs that will stimulate cell turnover and repair the barrier. It is especially helpful to fight active acne. You can also try this diy face mask to reduce acne scars:

Mix these ingredients and apply the lepam. Leave on for 15 minutes and wash off with warm water.

It is important to be patient and positive about your skin at all times, especially in an age of unrealistic beauty standards. You can try practicing the varuna mudra daily. It activates the jala mahabhoota or water balance in the body, which is amazing for dry, itchy skin. It also helps in clearing the mind and reducing acne triggered by stress. At anahata, we strive to help you achieve acne-free skin because that is what healthy skin looks like. For a holistic skincare solution, you can explore our anti-acne combo, made of effective natural ingredients that can change your skin and show visible results in just 21 days. To shop this combo, click here.

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