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Ayurvedic Routine For A Healthy And Productive Day

The Vedic System Of Knowledge Is A Legacy Of Extensive Research; An Ancient & Holistic System That Empowers Us To Understand Our Mind, Body And Emotions. Indian Seers Underscored How We Are Made Of The Pañca Bhūta: Meaning Our Emotions, Mood, Health And Energy Is Connected To Nature. Studying This Connection Resulted In Regimens And Rituals For Fabulous Health, Natural Beauty And A Peaceful Life– This Is The Dinacharya.

Dinacharya Is A Way Of Life. It Outlines A Daily Routine To Ensure Optimal Physical Health, Balance Our Doshas And Align Our Energies. It Involves Selfcare, Diet, Exercise And A Disciplined Approach To Our Mornings. Here Is A Guide To Begin Your Mornings In Time To Kickstart A Productive Day.

  • The Early Bird Catches The Worm: Sleep Early And Wake Up Before The Sun Rises, Between 4:30 And 6:30 Am. Use This Time To Stretch, Unwind And Gather Your Energies. Indic Sciences Say That The Vata Element Is Dominant During These Hours, Which Enables You To Better Tune Into The Frequencies Of Your Body And Mind.
  • Hydrate: Drink Two Glasses Of Water From A Copper Vessel. This Enables Bowel Movements, Strengthens The Colon And Activates The Bladder, Which Can Abate Chronic Conditions Of The Digestive System.
  • Gandusha: Did You Know Your Heart Health Is Linked To How Healthy Your Mouth Is? Before You Brush, Take 2 Spoons Of Coldpressed Coconut Oil And Swish Around The Mouth For 10 Minutes. This Is Excellent To Prevent Tooth Decay, Lubricates Gums And Also Improves Hair Growth By Stimulating Nerve Centers! According To Dinacharya, One Should Brush Their Teeth With Neem Sticks, Dantmanjan Or Any Herbal Paste.
  • Next: Practice Kawal Or Saltwater Gargling. Using Warm Water, Gargle 3-4 Times To Soothe The Throat And Cleanse The Mouth. Our Himalayan Pink Salt Is Ideal For Practicing Kawal.
  • Evacuate And Evaluate Your Bowels: According To Ayurveda, It Is Important To Examine Your Stool Every Day As It Is Indicative Of The Functioning Of Your Internal System. If Your Stools Float And The Bowel Movement Is Effortless, Then You Are On Top Of Your Health.
  • Vyayam & Yoga: There Is No Alternative To Exercise. Practising Yoga Removes Sluggishness, Burns Fat, Ignites The Digestive Fire And Promotes A Feeling Of Calmness And Joy. The Body Is In Its Strongest Phase Physically Between 6-10 Am. If You Are Comfortable Practising Sun Salutations, Go Ahead And Repeat 12 Cycles. You Can Light Our Neem Dhoop To Cleanse Your Space Before You Begin Your Yogic Practice.
  • Pranayama: Practice 12 Rounds Of Anulom Vilom Pranayama Every Morning. Not Only Does This Alleviate Respiratory Issues, It Centers The Mind To Start The Day Productively. Touch Your Abdomen To Observe The Flow Of Your Breath.
  • Abhyanga: Before You Shower, Practice 10 Minutes Of Self Massage Using A Natural Massage Oil. This Practice Nourishes The Skin, Improves Bone Health And Increases Blood Circulation. If You Have A Vata Dosha (Dry Skin), Try Our Nava Pre Shower Body Glow Oil With Rose & Almond. If You Have A Pitta Dosha (Sensitive Skin), Try Our Olive & Vitamin E Oil For Hydration & Toning. If You Have. Kapha Dosha (Oily, Open Pores), Try Our Kesara Saffron Massage Oil.

Though These Rituals May Seem Difficult To Follow Or Time-consuming To Do, They Have The Potential To Transform Your Health. Dinacharya Has Been Practiced In This Land For Many Years, Based On The Genetics, Traditions, Behaviors, Food Habits And Lifestyle Of Its People. These Rituals Can Build A Life Of Optimal Wellness That Detoxifies, Nourishes And Purifies The Mind And Body. Practicing Dinacharya For Just 21 Days Will Give You Noticeable Changes In Your Fitness, Appearance, Energy And Mindset.

Watch Our Youtube Video On ‘a Mindful Morning’ Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ximbolikl3c&t=21s

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