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5 Aphrodisiac Essential Oils

5 Aphrodisiac Essential Oils

from the Kamasutra

Essential oils are an excellent way to create an ambience, mood and signature scent for your space. The earliest records of aromatic oils date back to ancient civilisations of China, India and Persia. The Rig Veda mentions the potency of herbs, flowers and roots for the body and their uses for medicinal and spiritual purposes. The famous Indic text Kamasutra prescribes the use of ‘attars’ or oil blends to pamper the skin, set a mood and increase libido. Diffuser oils trigger olfactory nerves and target the amygdala or emotional centre of the brain, thus stimulating hormonal responses throughout the body. Here are 5 essential oils with aphrodisiac properties that you can use for an elevated sexual experience.

Lavender oil

With an instant relaxing effect, lavender oil can boost sexual desire. A few drops of lavender oil in a diffuser creates a calming scent in the room, reminiscent of the divine femininity of nature. Its aromatic essence sets a romantic atmosphere and is known to increase blood flow towards the genitals. The lavender & grapeseed massage oil at Anahata is excellent for hydration & smells fragrant.  

Ylang-ylang oil

A star shaped flower considered to be a potent aphrodisiac, ylang-ylang heightens any sexual experience. Nicknamed the ‘Perfume Tree’, massaging with the oil or adding a few drops in a diffuser can build intimacy, romance and connection between a couple. Its sweet, warm, floral scent stimulates the senses and relaxes the breath. At Anahata, we use steam distillation to extract the purest ylang-ylang essential oil, for you.

Rose oil

‘True love is like little roses, sweet & fragrant, in small doses’. Rose has been revered in Ayurveda for its indulgent, luxurious floral scent. Rose oil boosts the libido and is said to cure sexual dysfunctions and release dopamine in the body. Women are naturally attracted to its sweet fragrance. Massaging with the rose & almond body glow oil is great for lubrication, hydration and body glow. Rose oil used in natural candles, diffusers or perfumes are great to set the mood and arouse your partner.


Cinnamon oil 

A warm and earthy spice, cinnamon increases blood flow and stimulates sexual desire. As a natural aphrodisiac, consuming rose & cinnamon green tea or using cinnamon oil is known to increase sexual drive. In Ayurveda, cinnamon is often using for fighting bad breath and treating infertility, along with spices like nutmeg & ginger. Cinnamon oil is said to improve erectile function and relax the body.

Patchouli oil

Patchouli is an aromatic flowering plant belonging to the mint family. Revered in Indic texts for its medicinal and cosmetic properties, it boosts the libido. Consuming patchouli tea or using a few drops of its oil to massage the body is excellent for a sensual experience. Studies show it promotes production of the sex hormones- oestrogen & testosterone in the body. It is a strong aphrodisiac and lessens sexual anxiety over time.

Essential oils can truly change the way you feel & how relaxed you are. Just like bad odour can give us a headache or turn off our mood, fragrant scents can elevate our mood, improve our productivity & release positive hormones. Try our range of targeted essential oils and blends and open the door to a new world of wellness.

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