Sambrani Combo

The Sambrani Combo is an ode to the age old ritual of Dhoop. A set of our Handcrafted Cup Dhoop and a carved wooden holder, it is perfect to cleanse your home. The fragrant dhoop can also be applied on the hair to calm the mind and render a natural fragrance.

This Combo Includes :-


The handcrafted dhoop cups are an artisanal worship essential, made from dried flowers and purifying herbs. With a natural earthy fragrance and cleansing properties, lighting dhoop creates a positive, spiritual atmosphere.

Best Before: 24 months from date of manufacturing

Wooden Dhoop Holder

This intricately carved Wooden Dhoop Holder holds dhoop safely and ensures a divine aroma. Made of handcarved wood, it is a beautiful piece of Indic living to add to your home! Our Indic Living products provide sustainable and dignified livelihoods to local artisans, we encourage you to support their craft.

Ideal For:

  • Creating a calming atmosphere at home or the office. Perfect for aromatherapy, meditation and religious ceremonies.



₹ 225.75

Dhoop Holder

Wooden Dhoop Holder

₹ 495.60

Total :

₹ 649

₹ 486.75