Face De-Tanning Combo

The Face De-Tanning Combo is perfect for protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. A set of 6 natural products, it uses the power of Vitamin C, orange, papaya and honey to keep the skin looking bright and fresh. Use this combo daily to remove tan and add a natural glow!

This Combo Includes:

De-Tanning Face Wash

A blend of papaya, honey, axseed gel & pumpkin seed, this de-tanning face wash completely rejuvenates the skin! Its natural formula evens skin tone, brightens it and removes tan & dullness. Papaya is excellent to refresh the skin while honey & axseed hydrate the skin deeply. Use daily to maintain your natural glow.

Sundara Skin Boosting Aloe Gel

The sundara gel gives a boost of vitamin c to the skin. Powered with the goodness of fresh aloe, oranges, sweet almond oil & lemon, it is free of parabens & petrochemicals. Made with a lightweight & natural formula, it has astringents and antioxidants which soothe sun damage, remove dark spots and revive skin health naturally.

VARNAA Natural Hand & Foot Scrub

Varnaa is a unique blend of vetiver, citrus, desi gulab & avarampoo. It de-tans the skin, improves microcirculation and restores glow, making it ideal for those having a dull complexion and uneven skin texture. Backed by the deep cleansing and exfoliating properties of traditional herbs, it gently exfoliates and rejuvenates the hands & feet, improves skin texture and brings forth a natural glow.


A protective mineral sunscreen, Sundara is made with citrus drops, shea butter & argan oil. Its skin-friendly ingredients moisturize and protect the skin without leaving white cast or heavy residue. Embrace the sun confidently as your skin is now sun-screened!

SUNDARA Vitamin C Day Serum

This natural Vitamin C Day Serum protects the skin against UV damage, boosts collagen and reduces dark spots & blemishes. Handpicked oranges and lemons are distilled to make this lightweight serum. It is rich in natural ascorbic acid and antioxidants that keep the skin nourished and glowing.