Anti Pigmentation Combo

The Anti Pigmentation Combo uses the powerful benefits of saffron, shatavari and sandalwood to promote cell turnover and even skin tone. A set of 5 natural products, it reduces pigmentation, dark spots, melasma and sun damage. Use this combo daily to achieve healthy, glowing skin!

This Combo Includes:

Chandana Skin Radiance Face Wash

Chandana is a premium blend that repairs the skin barrier, and boosts skin radiance. Made with sandalwood and saffron that is infused with fresh aloe vera, every wash replenishes the water content of the skin keeping it hydrated and radiant. It’s rich ingredients promote cell turnover, reduce pigmentation & fight inflammation on the skin.

KESARA Brightening Aloevera Gel

Saffron is a traditional Vedic ingredient that can repair the skin barrier, reduce pigmentation and brighten complexion. Kesara gel is made with fresh aloevera, saffron strands, walnut oil and vitamin E, which rejuvenate the skin and bring forth a natural glow.

KESARA Cell Regeneration Serum

Kesara is a premium and effective face serum, made with saffron, vetiver, avocado oil and 24K gold. It reduces pigmentation, promotes cell turnover, boosts collagen and repairs the skin barrier. A natural source of antioxidants, this high performance serum is an absolute must for your skincare arsenal.

KESARA Skin Rejuvenating Cream

Kesar is a Vedic ingredient that balances the Tridoshas and ensures even, glowing skin. Indulgent and premium, this saffron cream boosts collagen, reduces hyperpigmentation, promotes cell turnover and repairs the skin barrier.

SHATAVARI Anti Pigmentation Face Mask

Shatavari is the ‘Queen of herbs’ and helps reduce free radical damage on the skin. Blended with Multani mitti & daruharidra, our face mask reduces hyperpigmentation, evens skin tone and removes dead skin. With pure herbs & effective ingredients, this traditional formula is known to keep the skin luminous and flawless, while rejuvenating it from within.